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There is nothing basic in these facials, they are simply extraordinary, organic and magical natural from the wonderful jungles of Costa Rica in combination with local ingredients from the fresh mountains of North Carolina !


I Use a combination of modalities for my exclusive skincare therapies,  I target Detox, because, the most important part of the skincare routine is detoxing from pollutants, free radicals and stressing clogging chemicals , such as parabens and heavy metals found in many skincare products and from foods ingredients. 

Anti-Aging,  age reversal and gracefully stopping the time, is done with consistency, a routine of a caring lifestyle, in the sessions, I use a combination of advance technologies such as LED Light therapy that promotes collagen and healing, RF for face lifting and High frequency energy device to promote purity , I also use the best brands that are cruelty free and international brands with exotic ingredients with pure, natural and organic ingredients, let's remember that your skin is your larger organ, whatever you put in your skin goes inside into your bloodstream so the best to use is natural organic ingredients, such as my star ingredients Pure , organic Cacao from Costa Rica, Sheet Butter, Matcha Tea, and much wonders of nature !

Why Natural, organic , GMO free ingredients are so detrimental to the skin? well , your body is hungry but hungry of ingredients with fresh true nutrients, minerals, free radicals , YOUR SKIN EATS , literally , your skin is the largest organ in your body and everything you put in go straight to your blood stream, there is not such a thing of only for external use " everything external and internal is directly connected so you need nutrients that helps you to stay young and healthy !

What is The wellness part of my skincare ?

I have 10 years experience in skincare, I also hold a certification in Clinical  Hypnotherapy as my other job and along this, a knowledge  in energy healing which lead me to believe that everything is connected, therefore, inspired me to create my wellness combination in my therapies, stress and energies are directly related to our health, therefore, our skin will show the stress and worries literally in our faces, my exclusive therapy is done in a super relaxing ambience, with an angelic touch, that includes energy crystals for balancing and lymphatic drainage massage.

Sound healing therapy and  aromatherapy are also my personal touch, these are not only facials, this is a healing experience that will help you to connect with your senses and relax,  at the end of the session, a skincare health mentoring will be given, I am a world traveler, my hobby is exploring countries and collecting knowledge from cultures and their women secrets, I will use this experience to help you to build a skincare routine at home, I will also give you tips to promote relaxation and relieve yourself from stress, did you know that smoking is a big factor for ageing ? we can discuss this if you are ready to quit, because helping to quit smoking is one of my specialties along with the addiction to sugar which is another ageing accelerator, we can have a complimentary consultation about my Hypnotherapy sessions, that are performed in another practice I have, health is beauty and beauty is health, our emotions, eating habits, stress management strategies, all this is absolutely connected with skin health and skincare.

Namaste !

Organic Being Facial 

European facial, deep cleanse, pore decongestion, stagnant toxins release with lymphatic draining massage, moor spa mood from Austria, feel fresh, renewed, seaweed mask, your healthy skin starts here.

  1 hour / $70

 Ceremonial Cacao Facial

Coming soon 

Skin Nutrition Facial 

Currently importing ingredients, such as minerals, vitamins such as Esther C, Magnesium and much more..

Positive Energy Therapy

Crystals for your chakras, intuitively and finding out what you need, we will use certain crystals for healing, protective crystals, raise your frequencies, aromatherapy and sound bath with 432 hz while performing a soothing and nurturing facial with essential oils and sea salts.


        LED Lights 

Diamond Microdermabrasion

The Egyptian Goddess Ritual Facial

In Honour of ancient beauty rituals and the influence in beauty of the Egyptians,this facial is to awaken the Goddess in you !!


This journey to the ancient rituals begins with a deep cleansing milk, while awakening the senses with aromatherapy of the steamer infused with Himalayan salts and anti-inflammatory herbs, roses and jasmin, after this cleanse, a dead sea and sea salts mask will be applied to fully clean your pores, we will increase the detoxing and renewing potency with a lactic acid peel, that will reveal a glowing skin, then a light removing of comedones and impurities, after this a soothing colloidal mask will be applied containing milk and honey, removing this mask with warm towels infused with rose essential oils is a nice extra isn't ? then a magical surprise, Lotus moringa oil will be used for your visage and déclaté lympathic drainage massage raising your vibration and energy with this Egyptian oil, we will deeply penetrate that oil in your skin with Gua Sha quartz, then I will apply a Gold mask with hyaluronic acid and peptides, after this I will stimulate the skin and facial muscles with lifting energy, RF face lift , to end up with the great wonders of red LED light therapy with a cell regenerative super serum while we absorb crystal energy healing into our auric field, clearing energies and bringing positive energies to add to our entire wellness.

90 min / $ 160

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