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               Mabelle Lashes Training and Certification 




I do not believe in hard work, I believe in passion while you deliver a service !

I do not believe in difficult , I believe in letting go of resistance 

I believe and stand for, empowering women to be free, make a lots of money in an easier way enjoying what they do and understanding the sky is the limit, you are limitless !!!

I will teach you the EASIEST way to lash 


Why Learn How to Lash? 


  • Lashing  is one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty industry. Get in now and ride the wave to success.

  • There is still room for more lash techs in your city. Get in early and establish yourself before the market saturates.

  • You can be your own boss & make your own schedule. This is a way to  freedom and financial success and GROWTH

  • Give yourself a raise at any moment by taking more clients. You can’t do that when you have a job. Want to go to that nice vacation? Just work longer hours! Easy as that.

  • Take Vacations whenever you want! Yes, What other job can you have that lets you vacation whenever you want?

  • You can become a teacher and open your own school even creating an online course

  • You can open your own salon and lash store

  • You can make youtube videos and share your experience

  • Great tips !

  • Make $2,000 – $3,000 Weekly / $8,000 – $12,000 Monthly! No joke.

  • Feel great making other woman feel beautiful. There is nothing like getting reviews from clients telling you how beautiful they feel because of you!


Marjorie Sobychenko

Licensed Esthetician

Certified Eyelash extension artist and educator 

Creator of the exclusive super learning ALPHA technique 


What makes my trainings unique ? 

Besides the experience as a lash artist and teacher, I hold a certification in cognitive behavior, life coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, why this is an extra bonus I use in my lash trainings? Because I help you to first build trust and confidence, how ? I help you to achieve a zone where you are confortable, I give you a boost of self confidence and I am honest, I will show you all the tricks I know to help you to become master in short time, I will also help you with the most important : TIME , You won't be 4 hours working in your first sets, my goal is that you will become even more skilful than me in shortest time, I will give you valuable marketing tips, this the most simple and comprehensive one on one private eyelash extensions course in Raleigh NC




Clases disponibles en Español 

Classic Eyelash Extensions for Beginners – In Person

              2 Days  / 10 am to 5 pm. Sunday and Monday, max 2 students 

This is a complete and extensive Eyelash Extensions Course perfect for beginners! You will learn all of the fundamentals of lashing, the application process, removal, tips and tricks to make lashing easier, our easy application system and much more.

Get Certified in Classic Eyelash extensions course 

Lash Kit 

Lash Extensions Manual 

1 Month of Mentoring 

3 Super learning balance techniques to make the learning easy and set goals at the subconscious level : your habitual mind 


Eyelash extension course price in San Fernando Valley CA


                                   Lash Training course in San Fernando Valley 

$1000 / Deposit $500

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Course Curriculum

  • Eyelash Anatomy and Growth

  • Product and Tool Expertise

  • Top Tweezer Practices

  • Classic Lash Application Method

  • Isolation Techniques

  • Eye Taping

  • Adhesive Safety

  • Preparation Before Appointments

  • Reactions and Sensitivities

  • Client Consultation

  • Proper Hygiene and Safety

  • When Not To Lash

  • Advanced Lash Styles

  • Maintaining Healthy Lashes

  • Aftercare Techniques

  • Proper Lash Curl, Length, and Diameter

  • Classic Lash Fills

  • Lash Removal

  • Client Retention and Pricing

  • Lash Marketing and Social Media

Certification is provided upon completion of our training workshops, however, it is your responsibility to check with your local states & governing boards on licensing requirements to perform the services. In the state of North Carolina , it is required that you have either an Esthetician or Cosmetologist license to perform lash services.

What is included in the Lash Kit

Our Lash Kit is designed to get you started immediately. The only things you will need aside from this kit is a lamp, bed, pillow and stool. However, if you will only be practicing on your doll head at first, you can simply use your dining table.

This Lash Kit is enough for 40 applications.

Here’s a list of what’s included in our Lash Kit:

  • 3 Essential Tweezers

  • Tape

  • Patches

  • Glue Rings

  • Gel Remover

  • Lip Applicators

  • Spoolies

  • Fan

  • Saline Water

  • Lash Tiles

  • Mister

  • Lash Glue

  • 4 trays of Lashes

  • C Curl .15 

  • CC Curl .15 

  • Doll Head

Curso de extensiones de pestañas pelo a pelo en New York en Español

Extensiones de pestañas clásicas para principiantes - En persona

Este Curso Incluye:

  • 2 Dias de instruccion de 10 am a 5 pm

  • Libro Manual 

  • Practica En Modelo Real

  • Kit de Pestanas para 40 modelos 

  • Materiales para practicar en casa despues de clase , Almuerzo

  • Certificado de Finalización

  • Apoyo Contínuo

$1000 Clase en privado uno en uno 

Deposito requerido de $500 porfavor pagar en el link 

Para mucho mas informacion llama por teléfono al +3213511538

Es tu obligación el investigar que requieres por el estado de Carolina del Norte para trabajar haciendo pestañas 

Clases solo Domingos y Lunes

Con las extensiones de pestañas olvidate de ganar el mínimo por hora y de pedir permisos de trabajo, mínimo $50 dolares por hora mas el Tip de $20 para arriba y podrás crecer hasta donde quieras !

Soy Hipnoterapeuta y trabajo con técnicas mentales para agilizar el proceso de aprendizaje, hacer pestañas es facil, rapido , divertido, comodo, creativo y muy lucrativo !

affordable NYClash lift training $500  

Lash lift and tint are on high demand, you can make minimum of $50 per client in LESS than an hour, is fast, simple , you can work at home or rent a bed or a chair in a salon 

This 1 day course is from 10 am to 2 pm 

10 am to 12 pm is pure concepts 

12:30 to 3:30 practice and you are done to success get a lift to money $$$

Pay $250 deposit and $250 at the beginning of the course

$250 Deposit

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lash extensions classic course training in nyc
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