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                      the best lash lifts in Raleigh

Lash Lifts in Apex NC

Mabelle Lashes in Apex NC, Offers  Keratin Lash Lift and Tint which is a great alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with sensitivities. It is a low maintenance lash solution for clients as results lasts up to 12 weeks. Using your own lashes, it is permed against a silicon pad to give it a natural looking "lift".  These are perfect for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift! You will look more awake and even more youthful! 

You can be rest assured that we never re-use our silicone pads. In fact, every product used on each client is brand new and never re-used so there will never be any cross contamination or fear of infections. For clients with sensitivities, our solutions never touch your skin.


Apex top eyelash extensions  

Classic Eyelash Extensions : A full set of faux mink lashes, where every single one of your healthy natural lashes are applied. This is where one extension is place on one natural eyelash, appearing like your natural lashes, but better! They're longer, more defined, and lusher than on their own - but still maintain the effortless, weightless look. I do natural and classy lashes, never ridiculous, never cheap looking lashes, high end lashes in all Raleigh NC

Soft Volume / Hybrids : full set of Glamour lashes, where every single one of your healthy natural lashes are applied to. For those that has sparse lashes, we may apply 2 light weight extensions (2d’s) onto every single one of your healthy natural lash, creating an ultra-thick look that makes eyes pop. 


Russian Volume : A full set of lashes by applying 3 or more light weight extensions onto every single healthy natural lash. Handmade fans are created to give your lashes the density and fluffiness, almost replicating a strip lash look, without the weight nor heaviness. With these, you may never have to wear eyeliners again! you will get genuine Russian Volume, not clusters or pre made fans, the lash fibres are top soft lashes 


MEGA Volume : Total and complete coverage. We attach up to 12 D  extremely light weight extensions per natural lash, creating a thick fan of lashes with our soft and touchable faux mink. Every single lash will be applied to.this are the softest lash extensions in the market, matte and semi glossy cashmere lashes and silk lashes, lash box LA brand, this is master mega volume lashes, fuller lash set ever, the best mega volume lashes in Raleigh triangle NC this are celebrity lashes, red carpet look !


Eyelash Extensions are an amazingly powerful way to enhance your natural beauty, increase eye contact and boost your confidence !

Save time in makeup, get rid of the technique to curl lashes with a metal curler while your lashes have a dry stiff mascara coats, that ends up running all over your eyes with sweat, during the day ruining your entire makeup.

 No more risk of seeing how your falsies strips lashes falls over in a swim or a date.

 Mabelle Lashes in Apex , dedicated to exceeding your expectations in all aspects of

 the service, building trustworthy professional relationship with excellent customer service and high standard performance, she only uses top quality luxurious material, for quality eyelash extensions, cruelty free and suitable for sensitive eyes, lash extensions are ultra feminine ! You will love eyelash extensions !

Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes? No, Marjorie is an experienced lash artist, that truly cares for your natural lashes and respect your lash anatomy , as an skilled lash tech she will never put lashes on that are too heavy or long for your natural lashes, having work ethics, safety precautions and having an open and kind communication with her clients is always included in her professional attitude.

Eyelash extensions in Apex NC, also serving lashes in Cary, Lashes in Fuquay Varina, lashes in Morrisville and Holly Springs Lashes, Mabelle lash studio near me, serving the best eyelash extensions in the Raleigh triangle 

Bronsun Lash & Brow Dye brow makeover 

Bronsun Lash & Brow Dye is the first lash & brow dye with henna effect. 

Highly pigmented lash & brow dye tints both hairs and skin, providing an intense result that lasts up to 7 days on skin and up to 7 weeks on hairs. The ammonia-free formula guarantees a gentle effect on hair structure. 8 bright colors provide an unlimited number of options for creating new shades. 

Due to its formula, Bronsun Lash & Brow Dye gently tints eyebrow hairs, so no special aftercare is needed.Brow waxing and brow shaping can be added to this service

Mabelle Lashes in Apex 

118 Salem Towne Ct,Apex NC, 27502

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