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Lash artistry is one form more of art, is a creation, is creative and allows you to be more creative

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

You can create different shapes, styles, colours and also is in the personal level, each person have different set of eyes, personality and even height matters, personal height of the body and eyebrow arch height, you can see personality variations such as a lady that wants very natural to the lady that wants super dramatic lashes, popular lashes, celebrity style lashes such as the trend that Kim Kardashian put of trend, which is a very bohemian lashes to my view, very sparse, long but not so uniform, also as a lash professional, you can be creative in your own space, your business, your logo, your style, your website, your brand, your personal presentation, your social media signature, all of that is part of creativity of an artist , so yes , is definitely not a mechanical automatic thing to do, eyelash extensions technicians are artist !

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