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Important notices to read before booking 
About time and quality control

Prices of the refills may change in regards of the condition of your lashes, less than 40 % of lashes is not a refill is a full set, due to my years of experience as a lash artist, I do not base my job per time, but I measure it in quality, time of lash placement can take from 90 min to 2 hours in the full sets, while the infills can take from 45 min to an hour in 2 weeks and 60 to 75 min in 3 weeks infills, mega volume 90 min,  the time also depends on your lashes, if you have very little amount of lashes I don't need to work full 2 hours or an hour in the infill case for example, my commitment is to quality, stress free, no rush, but quality of lashes, I only use high performance material, because your eyes deserve the best of course.


About Outside Fills 

I truly cherish and respect the job of other lash artist, I am not the kind of professional who is going to disrespect the job of other artist to win a new client, I am honest, we all have our unique styles and experience, however a free consultation must be done prior to the appointment to check the lash growth, sometimes 90 % can be grown out so I can deduce the appropriate lash time, check for malpractice with excessive adhesive will result in removal of the lashes and a new set placement, the removal is $15, its super important to have this consultation, we all work differently and I need to see my infill style will be compatible with the lashes you are coming with, I am sure this will help to achieve positive results.

What to do before your lash appointment ?

Please wash your lashes before the application, use non oily makeup remover, make up removal and lash washing in my place, will take time off your appointment, keep in mind that if you are new, we need to sign lash consent form 5 minutes before the appointment, I clean them throughly with lash cleanser and a high performance Lash Box LA primer for optimal retention, to make an appointment there is a deposit of $50 and 25 dollars to reserve your spot, if you do not wish to give a card on file, you can pay this deposit via Venmo or PayPal, the deposit will go to your lash appointment price, after 15 min late arrival we will need to reschedule, all depends in the situation, if you cannot make it to the appointment please let me know 24 hours prior, not showing to the appointment will result in the no return of the deposit, honouring my professional time and my clients time, Thank you so much for your time to read and welcome to Mabelle Lashes 

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