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Lash Extension After Care

Proper lash care and maintenance is just as important as the application itself. Every lash treatment is unique and personal. Although various lifestyle factors will change how often you may need a fill, we recommend coming in every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking gorgeous, fresh, and full. After 30 days, your Lash Technician will need to apply a full set of lashes.

Your Lash Maintenance List

  • Keep your lashes dry for at least 24 hours after treatment

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on extensions

  • Avoid applying heavy creams, lotions, and serums around your eyelids

  • Use only oil-free makeup remover and eye products

  • Use a cotton pad to remove makeup around your eye but do not touch lashes with cotton as lint can transfer and get attached

  • Use only mascara specially formulated for lash extensions or not mascara at all since extensions are merely to avoid mascara

  • Stay away for using an eyelash curler will break your lashes 

  • Keep clear of direct heat on, around, or near your lashes, it will burn your lashes

  • Ready to take it all off? If you wish to remove your lashes, please book an appointment with Mabelle Lashes 

What is normal

  • Immediately after the lash application, some individuals with sensitivities can experience minor redness and dry eye. We try to minimize this where possible, so we will ask if you are sensitive beforehand. In most cases, this disappears within an hour or so and there’s no need to worry. Of course, call us if you are concerned.

  • It’s normal lose a couple of lashes every day (1-5). Don’t be alarmed if you notice them from time to time (as they are much larger than your natural lashes). The extension falls out attached to the natural lash when it is ready to come out, and a new baby lash takes its place. Some days you won’t lose any, other days you might lose 3 or 4. It’s completely normal and does not mean your eyelashes are all going to fall out!

  • Some lash growth cycles are faster than others. You may find every few months, your lashes shed faster than other times. It usually means that you have a lot of new growth, and when you come in we will see a lot more lashes we can lash! Other times they might still look great at 4 or 5 weeks, as they have not shed much.

  • No two sets of lashes are identical. We customize the styling, sizes, weights and curls to every individuals eye shape, natural lash condition and tastes. Each style looks different depending on how own eye shape. So please be aware that your lashes will not look identical to your friends, even if you request the same thing.

  • Expect between 2 – 4 weeks before you need an infill. On average, our clients come back every 3 weeks. Sets consisting of more lashes (glam and volume) will usually last longer than those will less (full, lite). Shorter lashes usually last longer too.


What’s not normal

  • If you experience intense itching and or red/swollen eyelids in the first few days after the application. This could be an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, these are largely unavoidable – but luckily they are rare, and can be treated. Please contact us if you are worried.

  • Excessive shedding of extensions off the natural lashes in the first few days. This is uncommon – but please contact us if you feel they are shedding rapidly within the first 3 days of application so we can troubleshoot and/or assess your lashes.

  • If (after wearing extensions for a while) you find your eyes sometimes feel gritty and sandy – this can mean that you really need to clean your lashes more frequently/properly. Your technician can assess your lash line and give advice on the best way to clean your lashes.


If you wish to maintain your lashes, usually between 2-4 weeks, you will require infills. Timing depends on factors such as:

  • Generally, the more lashes we apply, the longer they last (more to lose)

  • How you treat them

  • Your lash cycle and how fast you are shedding/growing lashes

  • Your skin type (oilier complexions usually shed lashes faster)

We will infill up to around 4-5 weeks, as long as at least 1/3 of the lashes have been retained well. Please let us know in advance if you think you will need more time than usual or want to add any additional services (i.e.brow wax) in.

Before you come for your next infill:

  • It’s wise to book in advance – particularly for evening and weekend bookings – these times are most popular and can book out months in advance. If you would like to see a specific technician only, please let us know so we can ensure this!

  • Let us know if you would like a anything changed, for example if you would like to upgrade to a thicker set, or try volume instead of classic. As we do need more time for different types of lashes

  • Avoid coming in with heavy makeup that you will need to wash off that evening (as you will need to keep them dry)

  • Make sure you aren’t wearing any eye makeup, that your eyes are perfectly clean. Unclean lids and lashes (particularly things we can’t see like lash mites – they thrive when lashes are never cleaned!) will prevent extensions from bonding well, and they may not last long.


DON'T WORRY ! Lashes are water proof and my special lash adhesive allows you to get them wet right after the application no need to wait 24 Hours ..

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